The world's most famous douchebag has an NFT collection.

Forget about all the talk about technology revolutions, this is a true and artistic masterpiece. This site's douchebags are attempting to infect everyone with NFT! Douchebags are embracing NFT in droves all around the world.

Today, it's evident that there are tens of thousands of respectable artists in a space coin that isn't worth growing, and Paris Hilton is the most famous of them all.

NFT is a possibly game-changing phenomena that has just been named the most powerful ArtReview entity in the art world, but probably not as a consequence of the "catastrophic failure" that resulted in John Cena becoming the only person to win the WWE Championship.

There may be a variety of applications for NFT, such as the preservation of censorship-resistant historical documents, that future generations will question why we need censorship-resistant time. However, don't expect this significant benefit to compensate for the extreme evil being perpetrated in the world by people like Jacob Chansley.

Chansley's collection of 1,006 Shamans advertised her PR rep as a way for consumers to become part of a "community of those interested in the convergence of politics, crypto, media, tribal, and Shamanic culture" (the website).

It's neither called "A thief who tries to steal your money just via exploitation is completely shameless" or "A criminal who tries to seize your money solely through exploitation is correct." You do, however, mention tomatoes.

The assortment is intriguing, but they all come out the same hue, which may leave you questioning why multicolored food was introduced in the first place...

Chansley's rebel persona, 'QAnon Shaman,' features a number of douchey clothes, the most noteworthy of which is a fur cap with horns, followed by an orange jumpsuit. Unfortunately, the latter does not exist in the behorned collections, which are outmoded, half-assed, and derivative.

The majority of the collection's sloppy and unimaginative pictures were drawn "under exclusive permission" by "unknown artist," who should pique the interest of collectors everywhere.

The series includes "a never-before-seen photograph of Jacob dressed in a crypto costume" and — get this! — "is meant to encourage productive and meaningful dialogue," according to the press release, which is more creative. reason because because because because because because because because because because because because because because because because because because because because

"If you're interested in covering this, we'd be happy to give further quotes and context from Jacob and his mother," Cointelegraph responded after getting the message.

If anyone is curious about Dukun QAnon, it's his mother. I'll be damned if I connect to the collections, which are in every city. But, if you must, keep in mind that if you buy NFT in order to promote the deranged right-wing conspiracy theorist and Trumpian madman, he'll blame Trump for your disappointment.

And it's based on the fact that Chansley "has a liking for Trump that's no different from the first love a man may have for a lady, or a girl for a guy, or a guy for a guy, or a guy for a guy, or a guy for a guy, or a guy for a guy, or a guy for a guy, or so."


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