Binance has partnered with an Indonesian telecommunications company to promote new cryptocurrency tokens.

Binance has partnered with PT Telkom Indonesia, a state-owned firm in Indonesia, to develop a digital currency. Binance, the world's most popular cryptocurrency exchange, has teamed up with MDI Ventures, a venture capital arm of PT Telkom Indonesia, to create a cryptocurrency platform.

The collaboration will strive to boost blockchain usage in Indonesia, which has a population of roughly 240 million people, according to a joint release made on Wednesday. Binance will assist in the establishment of a new exchange platform by providing infrastructure and technical management. The aforementioned agreement will also help Indonesia enhance its blockchain technologies.

Binance can now grow into the nations where it has invested in the Tokocrypto cryptocurrency trading platform. Binance's CEO and founder, Changpeng Zhao, commented,

"At Binance, we want to build a worldwide blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, and our initiative in Indonesia is a big step in the right way," he added. By aggressively embracing cutting-edge technology and using its immense economic potential, Indonesia might become Southeast Asia's top blockchain and crypto powerhouse."

MDI Ventures is Indonesia's largest technology investment business, with a portfolio worth over $830 million with investments in a wide range of sectors. The identities of the other firms in the MDI consortium are not revealed in this statement.

Binance aspires to establish a footprint across Asia, despite substantial regulatory limitations in the second and third quarters of 2021. Binance's Singapore subsidiary has purchased an 18 percent share in Hg Exchange, a local private securities exchange.


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