IOG Confirms Cardano Smart Contracts Will Be Launched On Mainnet On September 12th

Plutus, the Cardano smart contract platform, has been confirmed for its long-awaited mainnet launch on September 12th, 2021. Input-Output Global (IOG) made the announcement via its Twitter account.

According to the notice, the corporation submitted an update proposal at 17:26 UTC. For Cardano to completely integrate smart contract capabilities, the third and final Hard Fork Combinator (HFC) event will be triggered. According to IOG,

The Alonzo HFC event will be the biggest yet, laying the groundwork for a thrilling new era of smart contracts on Cardano.

Plutus will also combine Cardano with its own HFC technology, according to the business. As the last testing phase for Plutus comes to a close, the firm expressed gratitude to the community and partners for their support. IOG also stated:

We've started our journey. Keep in mind that this could be the end of a long journey. However, it marks the beginning of a fascinating new era in our evolution as a smart contract network. As our dynamic ecosystem continues to flourish, we'll have plenty to discuss in the coming months.

On Sunday, the Cardano developer will present a Livestream to commemorate the milestone. As the company prepares for the Cardano Summit, the team behind this platform will provide additional information about Plutus and its possibilities there.

Cardano Addresses Rumors Regarding Its Smart Contracts

Plutus-related speculations surfaced over the weekend. Cardano users on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit claimed that the network couldn't handle enough transactions to keep their smart contracts running.

IOG promptly responded to the rumors, emphasizing the benefits of its blockchain model, Unspent Transactions Output (UTxO). Concerns about transactions were addressed by the business, which stated that it is up to the developers to construct their dApps with numerous UTxOs and "greater parallelism." IOG also stated:

The eUTxO – or extended model – is the flavor #Cardano utilizes, which we believe provides higher security, fee predictability (no nasty surprises...), and more robust parallelization.

Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano, also responded to allegations about Plutus and their transaction blockchain model. Hoskinson stated on Twitter:

A major FUD storm is brewing, as forecast. Last year, we witnessed the same thing with Shelley. It's not a new concept. It's just a bunch of people who want to set fire to something they don't understand or feel frightened by. The 12th of September is a significant date, but it is only one step in a long journey that we are all doing together.


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