In Budapest, a statue of Satoshi Nakamoto has been erected.

András Gyrfi stated, “Whoever he or she was, Bitcoin creates value, and especially the technology underpinning Bitcoin, blockchain, creates value.” Visitors to Budapest's Graphisoft Park may now see a bronze representation of famed Bitcoin developer Satoshi Nakamoto.

András Gyrfi, co-founder of the statue project and editor of crypto news site Kripto Akademia, addressed to a crowd of journalists and Hungarian locals before unveiling Satoshi's dazzling visage at an unveiling ceremony on Sept. 16. The artwork depicts the upper part of a humanoid with a featureless face wearing a Bitcoin (BTC) logo hoodie.

“Whoever he or she was, Bitcoin, and particularly the technology that underpins Bitcoin, blockchain, creates value,” Gyrfi added.

At the ceremony, Debreczeni Barnabás, CEO of the Hungarian crypto exchange Shinrai, also spoke, saying:

“Satoshi Nakamoto established an autonomous currency that gave people financial autonomy [...] This statue was created to remind us that bravery is a virtue. We must continue to have huge dreams.”

The statue, which was first revealed in May and was sculpted by sculptors Gergely Réka and Tamás Gilly, was purposefully made with a mirrored visage, implying that “we are all Satoshi” to observers. The ‘Statue of Satoshi' project was backed by Mr. Coin, Kripto Akademia, Blockchain Hungary Association, and Bitcoin and Blockchain Budapest.


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