0xMaki, a Cult DeFi Builder, Bows Out of Sushi

0xMaki is said to be staying on as a consultant. Sushi's co-founder and project head, 0xMaki, is apparently stepping down from his position in the company.

0xMaki, a sushi chef, is stepping down.

Sushi, the premier DeFi project best known for its permissionless decentralized exchange SushiSwap, has lost one of its first contributors.

According to various reports, 0xMaki, a pseudonymous core contributor and founder member, is stepping down from his post.

The reason behind 0xMaki's resignation is unknown; however, an anonymous insider told The Defiant that the Sushi co-founder would remain in an advising role rather than leaving totally. 0xMaki is anticipated to provide a complete statement later today.

While the announcement caught the crypto community off guard, spectators had previously noticed signals that the Sushi leader was losing ground. As can be observed in this transaction on Etherscan, 0xMaki's address was removed from SushiSwap's operations multisig wallet on September 14.

After the project's founder, Chef Nomi, left in September of last year, 0xMaki took over at SushiSwap. Chef Nomi earned the wrath of the DeFi community for removing $13 million in dev shares from the project's coffers, effectively "pulling the rug" out from under the project's users. Despite the fact that Nomi later returned the cash, the SUSHI token dropped by more than 50%, and the protocol's reputation suffered a huge blow.

Following the incident, 0xMaki became Sushi's de facto leader, and is often credited with most of the project's current success. Following word of 0xMaki's resignation, many crypto fans flocked to Twitter to pay tribute to him.


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