Cardano is looking better than Ethereum, according to a top trader, who is betting big on Bitcoin's steep rise

Cardano and Bitcoin are expected to lead the way in a new bull run, according to a prominent cryptocurrency trader and market expert. After breaking out of a two-month accumulation trend below $40,000, the pseudonymous trader known as Capo informs his 142,700 Twitter followers that Bitcoin (BTC) seems poised to launch.

Capo connects BTC's current price behavior to the brief accumulation phase experienced in September 2020, just before it broke out above $11,000, on his roadmap for the king crypto asset.

Bitcoin is expected to surge to $50,000 before dropping to approximately $40,000 and breaking through the $50,000 barrier, according to the trader.

“The Bitcoin Roadmap”

50k -> 40k -> consolidation above 50k -> new ATHs [all-time highs]”

Moving on to Cardano (ADA), Capo believes that ADA will outperform Ethereum (ETH) in the coming weeks.


Over the next few weeks, I'd rather own ADA than ETH.

The last bullish confirmation was above 57,500 satoshis.”

Finally, Capo compares and contrasts Ethereum with Bitcoin (ETH/BTC).

If the crypto markets catch another bullish wave, the trader believes the second-largest crypto has the ability to surpass Bitcoin and perhaps flip BTC for the top spot.


If the entire market experiences the 5th wave, Ethereum is likely to surpass Bitcoin, and a flippening is likely.”


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