The Cardano Founder Promises That the Next Two Months Will Be "Fun"

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has once again resorted to Twitter to slam his detractors. The wealthy mathematician promised two "fun" months in response to a skeptic as the leading proof-of-stake project gets closer to introducing smart contacts.

Cardano's detractors, according to Hoskinson, will start having a lot of "meltdowns" and "temper tantrums."

Hoskinson retaliated earlier this month against opponents who seized on a poorly aged tweet from July 2020 about "hundreds" of assets and "thousands" of decentralized applications working on top of Cardano. While the implementation of the "Mary" hard fork in early March resulted in thousands of native assets on the blockchain, nearly all of them have no value or activity.

Hoskinson is a risky bet.
The tweet that elicited such an intense response from the IOHK CEO was about a new prediction market on Polymarket, a prominent bitcoin betting platform.

Those who believe Hoskinson will fail to deliver on his lofty promise, forcing Cardano to postpone the debut of working smart contracts, can now put their money where their mouth is.

If it is possible to build a smart contract on the blockchain's mainnet before October 1, 2020, the market will decide in Cardano's favor.

The market's trading volume was $328,294 at press time. The majority of people are betting against Hoskinson, with shares of “No” currently trading at $0.53.


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