Payment of digital yuan for ride fares Beijing and Suzhou Railways now

 Beijing and Suzhou Railways Now Accept Digital Yuan Payments for Ride Fare.


Now accept Digital Yuan Payments for Ride Fares for Beijing and Suzhou Railways.

The subway system of Beijing has formally started a new initiative that enables users to afford rides using the CBDC (the digital yuan). The report is from the subway system in Jiangsu province in East China, in the city of Suzhou, where digital yuan charges may also be paid for metro fees

The Digital Yuan is now payable on the main public railways of China
Beijing's capital and the People's Bank of China (PBOC) moved rapidly to promote CBDC adoption in the country. There have been several red envelope lots that provide citizens the digital yuan, 3,000 ATMs now enable digital yuan withdrawals in Peking, subcontractors pay at CBDC in the Xiong'an New Area of China, and Hong Kong is connected to CBDC. The lots are also being used to supply the digital yuan.

In addition to everything, the digital yuan was paid for by staff, as well as companies such as Mastercard, Ant, Tencent and Alibaba. It is rumored that China's digital yuan card with biometrics and fingerprint scan would be extremely sophisticated. Now the digital currency of the central bank invades China's metro as consumers may pay for CBDC fares on Suzhou's and Beijing's subway lines.

The official Beijing statement adds that the metro operator of the city is trying to make the CBDC the "new digital travel experience" to fuel. The digital yuan in 24 subway lines and four suburban railway lines in Beijing is accepted in a Regional report by the Global Times. The article reviewed the new service with a customer service representative of the Beijing Municipal Commission on Public Transport.

"To utilize the service you need to download a mobile app connected to your bank account," said the agent.

The first subway system in China to use digital yuan was railway line 5 in Suzhou. Local sources indicate Chengdu has completed the CBDC system and is aiming to promote the digital yuan in public transit, according to the Global Times.

Despite the above mentioned announcements of digital yuan this year, how much adoption actually occurs is still difficult to determine. A mid-May investigation showed that the purported hotspot of the CBDC was not widely accepted at Shenzhen. The same is true of Nicolas Maduro and the petro in Venezuela, which have received a range of governmental pronouncements.

Widespread acceptance of petroleum (PTR) in Venezuela is far less profitable now, even though the government claimed "thousands" of traders would take the PTR and government payments would also be made in terms of petroleum. It is impossible to determine whether or not the digital yuan is truly prospering with China's communist regime and huge internet barrier. 


 Beijing and Suzhou Railways Now Accept Digital Yuan Payments for Ride Fare.

The news follows the metro system in eastern China's Jiangsu Province in Suzhou City, which also allows digital yuan payments for metro fares.

The digital yuan can now be used to pay for fares on China's ...5 hours ago — China's capital Beijing and the People's

oday, Suzhou has become a core city of China's Yangtze River Delta economic zone, ... A ride to Beijing usually takes 5 hours. ... to book a ticket at the railways' official, it is in Chinese only and only accept UnionPay payment. ... Expect to pay 200-300 yuan for a 1-speed city bike that will fall apart after 2 weeks.  


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