George Soros Fund reports that Bitcoin and 'possibly other cryptocurrencies' are beginning to be traded

 According to two individuals familiar with the issue theStreet claims Soros Fund Management, a billionaire George Soros private investment company, has apparently traded Bitcoin as part of a larger digital asset investigation.

The Soro Fund Management CIO Dawn Fitzpatrick has in the last few weeks given the go ahead to the "Bitcoin and maybe other cryptocurrencies" business.

The people, talking about anonymity, have been studying cryptocurrencies for some time and said Dawn Fitzpatrick and her team are "more than simply ticking tires" on digital assets.

Fitzpatrick also speaks about buying private investment in renowned blockchain-based firms but the company didn't reveal their identities.

The Street spoke with Soros Fund Management, but it declined.

Bitcoin a moment of inflexion

Although the top investor was asked before, whether she held Bitcoin somewhere in a March Bloomberg interview, the interviewer said "I won't speak," "That's what I call a strange answer." In addition to mentioning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, they are at a "inflexing moment" that might lead to a larger future adoption.

It should also be noted that, as part of the $200 million funding round for New York's digital investments Group (NYDIG), Bitcoin Fintechnology, Soros voiced support for the crypto industry back in April.

Robert Gutmann, co-founder and CEO of NYDIG, claimed that the round of investment showed that Bitcoin is becoming increasingly institutional in nature.

The prices of the virtual Bitcoin currency rose somewhat on Wednesday. Bitcoin hit a low of $34,200 earlier in the day is currently valued at $34,905, down 3.6% in the previous 24 hours.



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