Burger King Brazil now accepts Dogecoin as payment for dog food.

Customers may now purchase “dogpper” dog food using the Dogecoin (DOGE) cryptocurrency, according to Burger King Brazil.

Dogecoin Is Accepted As Payment For Dog Biscuits At Burger King Brazil

Dogpper, a meat-flavored dog nibble in the shape of a bone, is a new product from the fast-food company.

The Dogpper gets its name from Burger King's most popular product, the "Whopper." Customers with canine pets who want to share something with their canines when ordering from the restaurant chain will be interested in this item.

Customers can pay for these Dogppers with Dogecoin at limited locations, according to the Brazilian edition of Burger King.

The service has been operational since Monday, according to the company's website. Customers should first check delivery availability in their area, according to the company.

These dog treats cost 3 DOGE each. Of course, Dogecoin payments aren't the only way to purchase things. The Brazilian Real (RBL) will be accepted as well.

To purchase Dogppers, visitors must first choose a quantity on the website and then complete the registration form. The website will then display Burger King Brazil's DOGE address, to which the customer must pay Dogecoin. The item is also available through mobile apps such as Uber Eats, Ifood, and 99 Food.

Due to limited availability, the fast-food behemoth advises customers to order no more than 5 Dogppers.

The Dogpper product isn't new in and of itself. Since 2019, the snack has been sold in Burger King restaurants throughout Argentina.

It's unclear whether Burger King will accept Dogecoin payments for other items on their menu at this time. And whether the corporation will take other cryptocurrencies in the future, as well as spread similar plans to other franchises outside of Brazil.

According to BK Brazil, a percentage of the proceeds from Dogpper will go to an animal protection NGO. For a limited time only, the product will be available.

Coinbase Commerce just revealed that DOGE can now be used to make purchases. As a result, Dogeoin has become the service's seventh cryptocurrency.


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