Binance Hired 'Brian Brooks UK Version'

 According to sources who know the intentions, the crypto-exchange is seeking for an ex-regulator or government employee located in the UK.

 In order to give the brand compliance clout as pressures grow against the global crypto-currency trading operator, Binance is trying to employ a former regulator or government official in the UK according to two individuals familiar with the preparations.

Binance is looking forward to hiring a "U.K. version of Brian Brooks" one of the sources told CoinDesk about the ex-U.S. Currency Control Authority (OCC) office, which was appointed in April of this year to manage Binance.US.

In the meanwhile, on Tuesday, Binance stated that it is reinforcement of its compliance team by hiring Jonathan Farnell, a new Compliance Director, from eToro.

Farnell has been in his new job at Binance for the last three months, according to his LinkedIn page, but according to a Binance Speakers, the company did not disclose him immediately owing to internal regulations. The speaker noted that Farnell's appointment did not impact the job of long-term United Kingdom Head of Compliance Lynn McConnell.

Binance, with a recent spate of knock-backs from regulatory agencies in areas like Singapore, Malta, the Cayman Islands and Thailand, seems to be shutting a regulatory compliance network.

Last month the UK Regulator declared that Binance could not undertake any regulated operations in the nation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). British bank Barclays announced earlier this week that consumers will be blocked from paying Binance with their debit and credit cards.

In May of this year, the US authorities stated that Binance was being investigated by Bloomberg. Bloomberg stated that the government authorities, which also included the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), at the time did not accuse Binance of any misdeed. 


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