Australian SelfWealth online broker for cryptotrading

 The move to cryptoinvestment for SelfWealth reflects the company's ambitions to transition from a pure stock trading platform to a "wealth-creation platform."

As part of its 2021 strategy, Self Wealth is an investment trading platform listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

SelfWealth said on Monday that its partnering firm will provide bitcoin trading on its platform with a "festablished and secured cryptocurrency exchange."

"This is the background of our research, including the responses many of you have provided. You want crypto access, but you want crypto safely and securely. You will be able to trade firstly verified cryptocurrency," stated SelfWealth.

The change from a basic equity trading platform to a "wealth generation platform" is one of SelfWealth's march towards cryptoinvestment, the firm stated.

SelfWealth plans to support up to 10 major cryptocurrencias, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), by the end of the year, according to a report from the Australian Financial Review.

"Australians have chosen to remain here for cryptocurrencies and search for trustworthy platforms to make investing decisions easier," says Cath Whitaker, Chief Executive Officer of Selves Wealth. 

Shortly after a 3,500 client study was published by SelfWealth which revealed that 30% of participants have already invested in cryptography. An additional 38 percent stated plans to invest in digital assets.

As Australia's leading financial regulator, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, has progressively developed into one of the most crypto-friendly jurisdictions, with a strong commitment to the development of the local crypto industries. The authority is currently seeking public comment on the exchange of cryptoasset goods, noting that it is aware of the rising demand for cryptoasset products on Australian markets.


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