Alonzo White Hard Fork has been successfully completed in smart contracts: Cardano (ADA).

The Alonzo White Hard Fork has been been released by Cardano (ADA). The network now makes blocks successfully, stated a tweet published on Twitter. And thus far, there were no difficulty with the hard fork.

The next stage is to bring the Cardano network closer to the compatibility of intelligent contracts. The project was underway for some time. And by September 2021, the network is expected to enable intelligent contracts in full.

The Cardano project development team has indicated that they would evaluate input and outcomes. Then begin to handle any necessary network repairs. The launch of Cardano Alonzo was separated into many color sections each. Alonzo Blue and Alonzo White have so far been deployed effectively. And the squad stays on track with the rest of the stages.

The project continues to Alonzo Purple, due to the success of the Alonzo White hard fork. The roll-out portion is divided into two sections. Red Alonzo and Black Alonzo.

The success of these subphased phases determines the continuity of the Alonzo roll-out to the next phase. The whole movement to the Alonzo Mainnet will take place at this place. A few users have intelligent contract features in the Alonzo Blue hard fork. White fork has given this possibility to an even greater number. The capability was provided and validators in this test network were created by about 500 people. And thus far all has worked perfectly.

Alonzo Purple will probably see more users because of their abilities thereafter. As the network approaches smart contracts one step closer.
For Cardano, what is Alonzo Mainnet?

Cardano is able to enable intelligent contracts by moving to the Alonzo Mainnet. This helps it to compete with other DeFi ecosystems such as Binance and Ethereum.

The Mainnet Movement means that Ethereum's project becomes a serious rival. The ecosystem of financial decentralization number 1 in this space. But it couldn't be long. Ethereum could do everything, just quicker and cheaper. Cardano would accomplish everything. With the largest amount of staked coins, Cardano is already a project. At now, its holders account for more over 70 percent of its coin supply.


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